EEZEE Pet Care

We give your pet a holiday while you enjoy yours.

Finding the right place for your pet to stay while you take your vacation is a difficult decision.

We are a pet loving company/family.

We know how hard it can be to leave your family pets behind when you need to go away and that you want them to have the best possible care and attention while you are away from home.

We are very much animal people, having pets of our own and having rescued and fostered we know that our pets can have their own like we do!

We can give private references and you could get reference from Pets in Spain too.

We can offer your pet a room in our own home and access from the room into a garden area, separate to our own pets.

Being in our home means we know how your pet is all the time we are there. Also, they will hear the normal home sounds of TV, Radio, people talking etc.

All this for just 10€ per day or 60€ per week.

Please contact Andrea on 679 569 799 for more information.

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